In case using vape mods is overwhelming, then here is everything you need to know about them.

Vape Mods

A vape mod usually consists of a chipset, a battery, and wires, which are all kept inside a boxy unit. It normally operates using a silicon chipset to control settings and power with some types consisting of display and UX to control various settings.

How Vape Mods Operate

A vape mod works by drawing power from the battery and then feeding it to the tank’s atomizer, where heating occurs to vaporize the vape juice, thus forming vapor. Moreover, with features like variable voltage mode, bypass mode, and temperature control you vape according to your preferences.

Types of vape mods

When you go to a vape shop, you will find a wide range of vape mods. So, to help you get a better understanding of them, below are some of the most popular vape mod types.

1. Mechanical mods

Mechanical vape mods are a bit complicated since they can explode easily if you do not use them appropriately. This is because they lack regulated current safeguards thus, it would require users to understand Ohm’s law to figure out your coil’s resistance type.

2. Regulated vape mods

Unlike mechanical vape mods, these devices normally have a controlled current, all thanks to the included chipset thereby preventing explosions. This is why beginners are recommended to only use these vape mods before progressing to other types since they are the safest and simplest to apply.

3. Squonk vape mods

This type of vape mod works by pushing vape juice upwards and directing it into a vape tank where it is kept in a refillable and squeezable bottle. Squonk mods are used together with RDA, and you can purchase both unregulated and regulated ones; though beginners are advised not to use them.

4. AIO mods

All in One (AIO), does not have a separate vape tank but instead has a built-in tank thereby eliminating the need to purchase a compatible one.


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