Using a dirty vape mod is unhygienic and can also lead to clogged vents that restrict good airflow and normal functioning of your mod.

To avoid this, you can clean your vape mod as follows:

  • Firstly, clean the outside of the device using a soft cloth whilst ensuring that you do not rub vigorously, as this may damage the plastic.
  • For unreachable areas including seams and charging ports, you can gently remove dust using a toothpick. Again, ensure you clean the USB port gently since the metal pins are delicate and can bend easily.
  • To allow consistent transfer of power between the tank and mod, it is essential to clear any e-liquid and oxidation residue, found in the mod’s threading. First, insert a cotton swab and spin it inside the threading. Repeat this using another clean cotton until clean.

When to Clean the Vape Mod

It is recommended to clean your vape at least once a month or once per week for frequent vapers.

You can clean your device when:

  • Residue begins building up.
  • The mod’s pathway is clogged.
  • You have to pull vapor harder just to receive the mod’s normal effects.
  • The production of vapor is troublesome.
  • The flavor begins to taste


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