Nowadays, pod vapes have become very popular since they are easy to operate, refillable, less costly than disposable vapes, and contain distinct designs. But if you are new to them, here is our beginner’s guide to help you understand them better.

Pod Vapes: What They Are and How They Operate

Traditional vape mods usually have separate vape tanks but as for pod vapes, everything is housed inside the same unit including the atomizer, battery, juice, and more. The built-in mouthpiece is one that acts as your tank, where you can refill any vape juice.

When it comes to using them, pod vapes operate quite easily. All you need is to set up appropriately, fill in your vape juice, switch it on, and begin vaping.

Types of Pod Vapes

There are numerous kinds of pod vapes in the market to choose from. Check them out below:

1. Hybrid pod vapes

Hybrid pod vapes are a combination of a vape mod and a pod vape. They will normally include high power of 80w to 100w, bigger batteries, as well as different settings.

2. Standard, Low Power MTL Pod Vapes

Most people prefer using this type of pod vape because the vaping experience nearly resembles that of smoking, due to their secure MTL draw.

3. Closed pods systems

Closed pod systems have more disadvantages since you cannot refill them with other third-party pods or vape juice and are more costly.

Selecting Closed and Open Pod Systems

To be honest, an open pod system is a much better choice since they are refillable and you can use any flavors that you prefer. Moreover, they are inexpensive unlike the closed ones and include a long-lasting battery that allows you to vape for hours without frequent recharging. Therefore, an open pod system should always be your first choice.


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