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Kanger e-Smart - the KR808D-1 is reborn and better than ever!
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Kanger e-Smart e-Cigarette kit
Kanger e-Smart e-Cigarette kit
Items in stock ship TODAY (Mon-Fri) if ordered before 2PM CST!
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SALE PRICE: $26.95
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UPDATE: eSmart kit now includes FIVE empty clearomizers!

The Kanger e-Smart is the latest compact electronic cigarette from Kangertech. High capacity batteries rated at 320mAh and the latest easy to use clearomizer technology. These batteries feature a 5 click on and off that prevents them from being activated when not in use. The batteries use standard KR808D-1 style threading so they are backwards compatible with your existing 808D-1 style cartomizers. e-Smart batteries will -not- charge in a KR808D-1 charger and KR808D-1 batteries should not be charged on the e-Smart USB charger.

These are very similar in size to the JoyeTech eCab. They are slightly larger in diameter than a normal KR808D-1 but thinner than the JoyeTech eGo series. We expect these to replace the KR808D-1 series.

Each starter kit comes with:
(2) 320mAh high capacity pushbutton batteries with KR808D-1 threading
(5) 1.3ml blank clearomizers ready to be filled with the juice of your choice (not included)
(1) AC to USB wall adapter
(1) USB e-Cigarette charger
(1) Instruction manual
(1) e-Smart gift box
e-Smart replacement battery
e-Smart replacement battery
Items in stock ship TODAY (Mon-Fri) if ordered before 2PM CST!
Buy now for only: $19.95


Replacement battery for the e-Smart electronic cigarette.  Also fits most KR808D-1 style atomizers or cartomizers.  Please note the diameter is slightly larger than a standard KR808D-1 battery, cartomizer or atomizer.

Please only charge your e-Smart battery on the e-Smart battery charger.

Available in gloss black, stainless steel, purple power and pink puff.
e-Smart clearomizers - package of 5
e-Smart clearomizers - package of 5
Items in stock ship TODAY (Mon-Fri) if ordered before 2PM CST!
Buy now for only: $12.95


NOTE: If your eSmart battery has -female- threads, these will not work! These are for 808 threaded eSmart batteries, not the 510 style.

A package of 5 empty 1.3ml e-Smart clearomizers for the e-Smart electronic cigarette.

Available in smoked, red, purple and clear!

These also fit KR808D-1 batteries but are slightly larger in diameter.

Photo shows one clearomizer of each color but you will receive 5 empty clearomizers in your choice of color.

These measure approximately 2.6-2.9 Ohms and feature long wicks for better wicking.
e-Smart e-Cigarette USB battery charger
e-Smart e-Cigarette USB battery charger
Items in stock ship TODAY (Mon-Fri) if ordered before 2PM CST!
Buy now for only: $7.95


This is a replacement USB charger for the e-Smart electronic cigarette. Please be aware that there are two versions of the e-Smart e-Cigarette battery. One has a male connector which is 808 threaded. This charger is compatible with this version. The other version has a female connector and is 510 threaded. This charger will -not- work with the female threaded batteries.

To charge your e-Smart electronic cigarette battery, simply screw into the charger (finger tight!). The LED will turn RED indicating that the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the LED will turn GREEN.

This USB charger can be plugged into most any USB port on your computer, XBOX, etc. You can also use it with our car to USB adapter or wall to USB adapter (sold separately - see below).